Shut Your Mouth!

Read Luke 4:38-41

Here in Luke we get three short verses, we get Jesus working the graveyard shift at Healings R’ US and even bounces out some uninvited demons. But there is something strange in our passage, the demons are crying out “You are the Son of God” and Jesus rebukes them? Jesus doesn’t permit them to speak because they knew he was the Christ? This goes against all of our Great Commission urges; go and tell the world. Does Jesus not want to people to know that he is The Christ? No, No, No, he does want people to know. We must remember that the Jews have been waiting with messianic anticipation and with that anticipation comes expectations. There were certain things the Messiah did and did not do. We can see this when Jesus asks the disciple who do you say that I am? They like the demons profess Jesus to be the Messiah. What happens right after that? Peter tells Jesus what it means to be the Messiah. To which Jesus basically says Shut Your Mouth! I decide what it means to be the Messiah.

We think we are so smart don’t we? I mean we go to church, read the Bible, and heck we even go to extra Bible studies. People should listen to us, because we know what the Bible says about Jesus. James tells us and even our passage tells us that the demons know who Jesus is and Jesus tells them to shut their mouths. It is not enough to know about Jesus, at seminary and Church we learned about Jesus. But when was the last time you shut your mouth and let Jesus be Jesus on his own terms. Put your denominations and abominations aside. I invite us, no, this texts invites us close our commentaries, textbooks, and class notes. Shut your mouth and open your eyes, Shut your mouth and open ears, Shut your mouth and open your hearts, Shut your mouth and open the Bible, and when you come to Jesus remember to shut your mouth.


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