Christians are Broken Sinners

Newsflash, Christians are sinners. That statement may seem obvious to most but many Christians don’t behave that way. What I mean is many Christians get this holier than thou attitude of arrogance and they look down on others. We all know these people and we are all guilty of being these people. These people are religious they go to church all the time dress up for church. Not that those are bad things to do but let me tell you this neither of those things are prerequisites to becoming a Christian. What is necessary to become a Christian? I don’t have time for all the doctrinal out workings of our faith, so I will tell you the basics. First, accept Jesus as your Lord and savior and second, live a life continual repentance. See what I think can happen is people profess their faith, repent once, and that’s where it stops. I don’t know about you but I fall into sin daily and repentance is needed every day. Repentance isn’t just something you say it is a life style.

Now to my main point and plead to my brothers and sisters please stop with social media debates filled with hate and animosity. In most of these debates we sound like the holier than thou Christians and everybody leaves mad and we put egg on our own face and push people farther from our savior. Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t stand up for truth and the life of righteousness because we should. What I am saying is, we will not change the hearts of men by staring at a computer screen with hate in our hearts and venom coming from our finger tips. Contrary to our results right now culture change takes time. I know this to be true, before I became a Christian I had a lot of sin and I am still far from the model set forth by Jesus. The one thing that they don’t tell you is that even though you are born again in Christ for some the death of the old self will take some time. Changing the hearts of men is a humble, patient, and loving process that is not accomplished in a 140 characters. Instead of sweeping over a broad array of people with hate filled arguments. Let’s do the grass roots work of changing one person’s heart at a time that is how the kingdom was started and that’s how it will continue. If you are the religious Christian I depicted earlier I call you to repent of you religion and walk with Christ. If you are the hate filled venom typing Christian I call you to repent and walk with Christ. And lastly I close with this “the line between justice and injustice, between things being right and things not being right, can’t be drawn between “us” and “them”. It runs right down through the middle of each one of us” -N.T. Wright.


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