The Headstone Marked Sin

In the American church there is this sort of knee jerk reaction to dwindling numbers in membership. The church in America is moving dangerously close to what I would call functioning agnosticism. The church in attempting to become more “seeker friendly” has sadly and tragically diluted the Good News. There is no call to true… Continue reading The Headstone Marked Sin

Christians are Broken Sinners

Newsflash, Christians are sinners. That statement may seem obvious to most but many Christians don’t behave that way. What I mean is many Christians get this holier than thou attitude of arrogance and they look down on others. We all know these people and we are all guilty of being these people. These people are… Continue reading Christians are Broken Sinners

The Writing on the Wall

Have you ever heard the phrase the handwriting on the wall? Ever wonder where this odd little phrase comes from and what it means? Like a lot of our nomenclature that we take for granted this phrase comes from the Bible. It comes from Daniel five and it generally means that something is about to… Continue reading The Writing on the Wall