Life Lessons with Vince #2

  • Entry 11: Comparison robs you of joy, stop looking up or down but rather look forward. You go where your attention is look forward and and you will actually get somewhere.
  • Entry 12: Flowers come from mud not marble. Your life might be messy but God is making something beautiful out of it.
  • Entry 13: If the devil is in the details why do his plans always backfire.
  • Entry 14: God doesn’t stop working when camp is over.
  • Entry 15: Failure is easy to achieve and Success is hard to achieve. Never bring the target closer to yourself so you can hit it because once you have hit it you realize you have cheapened success and made it something other than what it truly is and you will never be satisfied.
  • Entry 16: We fill our lives with noise, activity, and other people to avoid the one thing that most frightens us: Ourselves. There are medicinal qualities down the corridor of introspection.
  • Entry 17: In a romantic relationship you should never be the most important part of your partner’s life. God should be the most important.
  • Entry 18: There is beauty in this world but it seems that we only notice it in a still picture. The truth is: it is not the world that needs to be still for us to see beauty but we need to be.
  • Entry 19: There is a difference between openness and vulnerability; be open with all be vulnerable with few.
  • Entry 20: You will never learn true humility unless you risk true humiliation.

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