I Think… Entry 3

  1. I think that when people come to the end of their usefulness for you God has only just begun.
  2. I think God needs us drastically less than we assume.
  3. I think God wants us drastically more than we assume.
  4. I think people refuse to be reasonable because they secretly like to piss people off.
  5. I think when it comes to the Church body nobody really appreciates those who are embracing there role as the Church A–hole.
  6. I think we forget where we get our value from.
  7. I think American Christianity is dying because we have grown fat and lazy.
  8. I think within the next 5 years the Reformed Church in America will split apart.
  9. I think that as a Broncos fan it was enjoyable to see the Seahawks loose in such heartbreaking fashion.
  10. I think Liberal or Conservative is dependent on context.

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