What if I told you the Gospel was as simple as a child’s game? What if I told you predestination is only a Goose away? Asking questions like that is reminiscent of ESPN’s 30 for 30 film series, the commercials usually ask these ridiculous questions and then at the end give you a cool catchy title. If I had the means I would love to make a mock video for this blog but alas I don’t, so lets jump into it. Keep in mind all analogies break apart when pushed to their ultimate end.

Imagine the Gospel as a game of duck duck goose. Now imagine Jesus is the one walking around the outside of the circle tapping on people’s heads. All those who sit in that circle are sinners who have committed an offense against God and sit in this circle awaiting God’s holy and righteous judgement. All in the circle are powerless to change their situation without the help of Jesus who is walking around them. Jesus must trade places with them and put them on the outside of the circle of guilt, which means Jesus trades his innocence for their guilt. Now unlike the children Jesus pays no mind to anything distinguishable about the people in the circle except that they are people and he is compassionate. Just like in predestination and in the game those in the circle (sinners) cannot by their own power leave the circle but the power, work, and love of Jesus that allows sinners to be pardoned, not saying I believe.  Jesus passes over some ‘Duck’ and elects others Goose!!! Now these elect or Geese are called to chase after Jesus but Jesus is too fast and he takes their place in the circle accepting their punishment and pardoning them. Jesus paying no regard for who is in the circle’s ‘good’ deeds selects them in his love. The common mistakes many make is they constrain God to an equal distribution of grace as if God owes humanity something and they make predestination about judgement and not love which it primarily is about. The chasing after Jesus is what Christians are called to do, remember Jesus’ call to “Follow me” (Matt 4:19).

I think this is a fun and adequate enough analogy for the Gospel.There is still a plethora of room to continue to expand this idea and no one in 500 words can fully and adequately illustrate the Gospel and predestination which is why it took me 58 pages to weave through predestination but that’s a story for a different day. Even so, I pray that if you have a child that is struggling with understanding the Gospel and the Christian life that this Duck Duck Gospel can help them wrap their minds around God’s love for them.

Grace and Peace to you my Brothers and Sisters.


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