Life Lessons With Vince

This is another list of ten series I am starting. Life lessons with Vince was something that was birthed after a Summer camp I worked at. The High School kids seemed to appreciate the wisdom I was able to share with them and so it became a weekly life lesson post of Facebook. I now share them here and I will be adding new thoughts and ideas.

  • Entry 1: There is a big difference between want and need knowing the difference will save you a lot of money.
  • Entry 2: Your Christian life should not sound like a recycling center Reduce, and Reuse. God wants us Increase in knowledge of him and be made new. Increase and Be New.
  • Entry 3: Pursuing what you love is never a waste of time even if you fail to obtain that which you pursued.
  • Entry 4: If you are unwilling to be rebuked then you are unwilling to improve your walk with Christ.
  • Entry 5: Be slow to assume people have malice in their hearts.
  • Entry 6: If they love you they will wait and show you the respect you deserve. If they can’t do that then move on.
  • Entry 7: Always show appreciation for the kind things people say about you because there are a lot of unkind words said. Kind words are precious treasures to keep us going in the dark times.
  • Entry 8: Live your life in a manner so that the last thing you hear on this earth isn’t the beep of an EKG or the soft squish of a nurse’s shoes walking down the hall.
  • Entry 9: More often than not the ones that need your help the most won’t ask for it. Stay vigilant…
  • Entry 10: You can’t take back words you never said. Don’t be afraid to speak what’s on your heart.

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