I Think…


This is a new series that will simply contain ten I think statements. These will be things that are on my mind that I think are worth a good pondering.

  1. I think we let emotions determine what we believe.
  2. I think a long crazy beard is the best way to deflect vain women.
  3. I think looking professional is a fancy way to lie about who we really are.
  4. I think Doritos are the best chip ever invented.
  5. I think political correctness covers up the truth in our hearts.
  6. I think we have made the Gospel too small and weak to combat the evils of the world.
  7. I think we are afraid of confrontation because we are afraid that we might be wrong.
  8. I think “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” Psalm 111:10.
  9. I think God gets angry more than we care to admit and that God loves us more than we care to admit.
  10. I think we talk about God more than we talk to God.

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