A Fire in the Night

When it comes to a fire in the night you see its glow before you ever hear its crackle and pop. It is only after weary travelers see the attraction of glowing warmth do they get close enough to hear the truth fire’s enchanting song. A Fire doesn’t remove its weary travelers from the dark wilderness but it does provide security; the security of knowing amidst this cold dark wilderness that there still lies a place of warm light and hope. The fire, while the traveler is still yet off says that no matter what fright and terror the dark beyond holds there is yet a place of light and rejuvenation. It is in the sight of a glowing fire that a still far off traveler can see that there is intelligence beyond himself that he does not have travel the roads of his life alone. By contrast the wolf’s howl cuts through the dark night sky. The traveler frantically scans side to side but there are no visual cues as to where the wolf maybe lurking. Weary as he may be from the road he has traveled he scrambles the energy to fly from voice of the wolf in the night. The voice of the wolf sends shivers of death and judgment down the spine of the drifter.

Early in my faith I was a howling wolf for the faith thinking my voice of defense and slinging mud on differing beliefs was helping. Rather than living my life out in the joy of my faith I became a bitter wolfs howl in the cold night causing others to flee. We have a choice as Christians: to be yet another wolf hunting prey in the darkness of this earth or we can be a fire in the night glowing strong and confident in the truth it possesses.

If we are to claim ourselves Christians we will be that fire in the night. A light that calls out in the dark wilderness not by boisterous talk but by the glow of being exactly what it is which is hope. Matthew 5:14 Jesus tells us who we are; “you are the light of the world”. This does not mean we stand completely silent even a fire talks but it is its glow and warmth that speaks louder than its crackles and pops ever could. My prayer is that if you’re a wolf in the night or if you’re a weary traveler that you would come to the fire in this night, so that we can truly make this a good night.


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